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Fire Training Building LFWS Feldkirch

Project example Fire Training Building LFWS Feldkirch

Fire Training Building LFWS Feldkirch

The existing fire house was extended by two 20″ sea containers. The upper training room represents a living room, equipped with a sofa fire station and a flashover module. In the lower container, a kitchen was realised. A hot smoke system, ceiling heating, sophisticated air ducting and a professional control system round off this exercise facility.

Practice room “kitchen”

A fire scene is built in on the side, representing a cooker with extractor bonnet. A cooker fire is depicted here, which, if not extinguished or extinguished too late, spreads to the extractor bonnet.
An additional scenario is a deep fryer in which the fire of oil is depicted. The flames slowly grow to the previously set flame height. If an attempt is made to extinguish the “burning oil” with water, a grease fire explosion occurs.

Practice room “living room”

Fitted out as a living room with flashover and sofa fire station. Video and thermal imaging cameras are installed to monitor the emergency forces. The images are transmitted to the command room on the screens and can be recorded for reference purposes. Operation sounds can be played in via a funnel loudspeaker. From the observation room in the front part of the fire container, the exercises can be viewed directly through a window.

Supervision system

In order to be able to monitor the trainee on his way through the hot fire training facility from the command room and give instructions if necessary, it is a good idea to equip training facilities with a monitoring system with video and thermal imaging cameras as well as loudspeakers and an intercom system.
The status of all doors can also be monitored.