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Gas Fire / Acetylene Fire

Acetylene fire module
Acetylene fire module

The universal fire point serves as the basic module for the gas cylinder fire point. Similar to the barrel fire site, this fire site also has an inactive unit in the form of a 33kg gas bottle which can be filled with water (weight) for rescue exercises. The second gas cylinder has a gas hose fire which can be extinguished by turning off the cylinder valve. Of course, this exercise module also offers a wildfire.

Gas Fire / Acetylene Fire

  • Dimensions: L / W / H: 1,200 x 800 x 1,700mm
  • Weight: approx. 160 kg
  • Suitable for all extinguishing agents (foam, powder, water, CO²)
  • Ideal for use in closed rooms
  • This module can also be ordered as an acetylene fire point. In this version, a heating mat is also built into the active gas cylinder, which can be heated steplessly up to 200 ° C, in order to simulate the decomposition of acetylene. IDEAL FOR THE USE OF THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS!

The Firepocket® acetylene exercise module is filled with water up to the overflow. The inactive acetylene gas bottle can be filled with water (weight) for mountain exercises.

The valve on the active acetylene gas cylinder must be fully open. By turning the valve wheel, the gas solenoid valve in the system is automatically closed.

Gas Fire / Acetylene Fire

Gas Fire / Acetylene Fire

Ground fire

The acetylene bottle can be filled with water via the valve. There is a water drainage screw in the bottom of the acetylene bottle.

Active acetylene module

With fire in the gas hose. This can be deleted by closing the valve.

Inactive acetylene module

For fire fighting and rescue exercises with the gas cylinder

Decomposition of acetylene

With a built-in heating mat, the temperature of the acetylene gas cylinder can be pre-set continuously up to 200 ° C. Depending on the ambient temperature, this can take about ½ hour.

Acetylen module