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Wildfire Module

Wildfire Module
Wildfire Module

Modern propane-gas powered wildfire module type Roche for connection to the Naderer Firepocket control.

DBy attaching the specially designed baffle wall, one or more jet pipes can be used at the same time.

The degree of difficulty for extinguishing the conflagration module is carried out continuously on the Naderer Firepocket control. Sensors on the fire tray recognize the optimal thermal binding through the radiant tubes used. Thanks to the automatic operation of the Firepocket control, the fire scenarios can be reproduced and repeated as often as required. This ensures optimal training and education success.
Suitable for the extinguishing agents water, foam, powder and CO².

Wildfire Module

Technical information:

  • Built according to DIN 14097
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dished bottom diameter 3 m/li>
  • Fire area approx. 7 m²
  • Extinguishing success control via optical and thermal sensors
  • Water drainage connection with valve at the lowest point of the fire tray
  • Energy 230V / 50 Hz / 24 V
  • 8 x 33 kg propane gas bottles (alternatively gas tank)
  • Consumption approx. 5 kg / min.
  • Weight of the fire tray approx. 500 kg (without water filling)


  • Autonomous design (integrated fire control)
  • For connection to the fire control system Firepocket ECO II or Business II / Business III

Wildfire Module